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KKU accounts

KKU accounts are automatically assigned to students and staffs when entering KKU.

• Student account will be assigned by Office of the Registrar on the Orientation Day.
• Staff account will be assigned when report for duty at KKU Human Resource Division.
• Accounts for visiting faculties and students from abroad will be assigned by KKU International Relations Division KKU accounts can be used to access Wi-Fi, LAN, VPN, and primary information systems including, e-mail, student enrollment, payroll, Google Apps for Education and MS Office 365. Short-term temporary accounts – with limited accesses – can be request upon needs (e.g. for training) at the Computer Center Help Desk.

Phishing Alert

Computer Center has detected a new phishing email sent to many users in domain. The phishing

Screenshot from 2015-06-12 17:30:10

If you have received the mail above, DO NOT click on the link in the mail. It is highly recommended to delete the mail.