Help Desk

Internet and Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is slow.

There are so many technical factors that impact Wi-Fi data rates. Though, it is not always easy to fix Wi-Fi problem. If it is possible, leave a message in Bureau of Information Technology’s Facebook Page, provides place/time, access point that you connected, web site you visited. This will be helpful to debug and solve your problem.


Can I host my web site ?

KKU Internal units (faculties, centers, bureaus, projects, ..) may request to host a web site. However, individuals – both staffs and students, are not allowed to host personal web site in KKU infrastructure. However, they can sign-in KKU Google Apps and host their contents on Google Sites or Blogger.

I want to backup my data.

You have 2 options:

  1. Using Google Drive. Your files belong to you, they will be kept, managed, and secured by Google. You have unlimited space on Google Drive.
  2. Using KKU Storage. Available for KKU staff only, it provides the same set of functions as Dropbox but locally stored in KKU, managed, and secured by Computer Center. You will have 20 GB space.

KKU Account

I want to change my password.

Go to your password will automatically synchronized to all services. Contact 0-4300-9700 Ext 46123, 42001 for more information.

I forgot my password.

Contact staff at Help Desk, Computer Center. You need your ID card to reset your password.

I cannot access my mailbox.

This might be because your PC is infected by a virus that try to send non-legitimate mails  (spam). In this case, Google – the mail provider – will automatically suspend your account. To enable, you need to do as following:

  1. Change your password at
  2. Use a good anti-virus software to scan your PC thoroughly, and clean your infected files. You may even need to backup your data and format your drive.
  3. Contact Help Desk at Computer Center to recover your mailbox.

The Others

Please contact Help Desk at Computer Center, or leave a message in Bureau of Information Technology’s Facebook Page.