Internet Services

Wi-Fi Access
KKU students and staffs can access to Wi-Fi through the following SSID.
- kku-wifi
- kku-wifi@3bb
- kku-wifi@true
- kku-wifi-s


IT Account
Every KKU students and staffs will received his/her IT account and its password on their very first day at KKU from
- the bureau of academic administration (for students)

- the human resource division (for staffs)
- the developtment or the international affairs division (for foreign students and staffs).
This account is for Wi-Fi Access, email service, and many other IT services provided by KKU.


-Change password at (Do it asap after you get your email)
- Recover your account at

Some of IT services are available for those who access the services from the KKU network (e.g. kku-wifi) only. These services are, for example, e-resources from library, some software license server.

If you are not on the KKU network, e.g. when you are at home or when you are working outside KKU, you can access such services through the KKU VPN.

You can access to the KKU VPN using Softether VPN Client. The settings are as follows:
Host Name:
Port Number: 443
Virtual Hub Name: VPN
Auth Type: Radius or NT Domain Authentication
Username: your username
Password: Your password
Please use this service only when you are not on the KKU network.

VPN Manual

Windows XP
VPN Client

Mac OS X



You can report other problems at
Internal Phone 42001