Computer Lab


There are 3 computer labs provided by Computer Center.

  • Self-study computer room, 4th and 5th floor,  IT Center Building. Approximately 150 PCs for students.
  • 50-seat computer lab, 5th floor, IT Center Building for conducting computer training.
  • 50-seat computer lab, 4th floor, Computer Center Building for conducting computer training.

PCS are desktop, with Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007

To reserve a room

  1. KKU organization units may reserve a room at room reservation system, and send a memo to Computer Center.
  2. Externals may contact K. Sarapat Tel. 043-009700 Ext. 46128 Mobile 084-7907756 to reserve a room.
  3. If Internet access is required during the training session, ones can request temporary accounts 3 days prior first login.
  4. Users will be responsible for any damages incurred.
  5. For fees & fares, see KKU account and computer room fees (in Thai)